Starting a business is certainly a risky endeavor that many people dream about doing, let alone in Des Moines, Iowa. After all, many people want to stop being an employee and become a business owner themselves. However, doing so is quite challenging, especially when there are many states in the US that make opening a business quite difficult and even impossible.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Des Moines IA To Start A Business

a picture of our des moines tattoo shop.Des Moines, IA is one of the towns that is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and is one of the best places to start a business in the United States. We know that for a fact when we started our studio here in Des Moines. It has been found that between 70 – 80% of new job growth comes directly from small businesses in this community. As a result, this city is completely committed to creating an environment that directly supports and fosters an environment where business can truly thrive.

It should be noted that there are certain businesses that require permits before being opened in this city. These businesses include convenience stores, game rooms, bowling alleys, theaters, restaurants, thrift shops, snow haulers, transient merchants, solid waste haulers, door to door peddlers, salvage dealers, cab or limo drivers, businesses that sell tobacco products and liquor etc. It is important that once you decide you want to start a business and would like to start looking at properties, you should first call and meet with the city officials for approval.

After You’re Licensed to do Business in Des Moines

Now, once you have been approved, there are many financing programs that can help you get your business off its feet. The office of economic development in Des Moines is completely invested in ensuring that your business will grow and prosper. There are many incentive programs, tax assistance, financial assistance and training programs that are available to business owners. These programs are all available to small, medium and large businesses, so there is equal opportunity.

Another loan that is available is the Des Moines Action Loan Fund that aims to provide long term financing for business expansion that leads to the creation of jobs for low to middle income residents of this city. This directly helps both business owners and residents of the city.

In closing, Des Moines Iowa is simply one of the most conducive places to start a successful business. The crime rate in Des Moines isn’t too bad and the schools are great! It is certainly a beautiful place to live and can help you to fulfill your dreams of being an entrepreneur and having your own business.