Small tattoo inspirational quotes from tumblr.When it comes to tattoos, you really only have two choices. It’s either you have a good tattoo or a bad one. The type of tattoo you get is the result of choosing the right tattoo artist AND the best tattoo ideas you will find on the Internet.

Thankfully, it’s easy enough to do both. In other words, it’s easy to find a professional tattoo artist and it’s equally easy to find tattoo ideas as well. If you haven’t chosen a tattoo artist, you should go online and search for “tattoo artist” in the search bar of Google. Make sure to add the name of your local area. You could also go to Yelp. Both Google and Yelp have a review system that you can check out.

What Are The Best Sources Of Inspiration For Tattoo Designs?

Of course, if you are like anyone else, you will want to deal only with the most professional tattooist. You can easily spot one through the average star rating (compared to the number of ratings it is based on). But don’t be content with the information on average star rating. Read the reviews. There you will see golden bytes of information on how good an artist is at his job, and how good he is at dealing with a client’s custom tattoo design. While you can’t expect for all the reviews to be positive, the majority should be. And the reason for any negative review shouldn’t be something to be upset about.

Once you have found someone to do your tattoo, you can now search for tattoo designs. There are many places where you can get information. We would recommend you go to Pinterest because the pictures are organized by thematic boards. Go to the website now and search for “tattoo ideas”. Another good source of inspiration is the tattoo artist himself. Most tattoo artists keep an album of their work as their portfolio. You can take a look at it and see which ones you like.

The artist can create a composite design or recreate the design on your skin. Please take note that a tattoo is always permanent. And the only way you can remove it, should you have any regrets, is by paying for expensive laser removal. So, make sure you choose your artist and design well.

The Cost of Custom Tattoo Designs vs Stock

Unlike paintings where you pay the price of the piece, with tattoos, you pay an hourly fee, which could be anywhere from $80 to $100. The price includes the ink and everything else needed to put ink on skin. If you are getting a large tattoo or a whole body one, you could negotiate a lower price because it’s going to take a lot of hours to get the job done.

Some of the most common tattoos are foreign characters like Chinese as well as animals. No matter what you do, if you are getting a Chinese character for a tattoo, make sure you know its meaning. For more information, read yesterday’s post regarding tips for tattoo design. Hopefully by reading our post, you can find some inspiration for your next tattoo!