I was always told that tattoos were for a certain kind of person, someone who I was not supposed to be like. This is what I heard most of my childhood and it was reiterated throughout life. People with tattoos are low value, they don’t get good jobs and they do not matter. Between childhood and adulthood a lot changed.

Here is why I decided to get my first tattoo…

Me getting my first tattoo.Tattoos became more mainstream and not only do people with tattoos get good jobs people do not judge people the same way that they used to. So deciding to get a tattoo as an adult became a much easier decision. Keep in mind that this was way before we started our tattoo shop that we still operate to this day. It became a much easier decision because high-quality people all around me, on the TV, and the media and every strata of life we’re doing well and these people have tattoos.

When it came time for me to decide on what type of tattoo I would get it was a very long process. I didn’t want anything run of the mill instead I wanted something that meant something to me. It has to be something that was important, something that at age 80 when I’m old still reminds me of something, it tells a story, it tells me of my evolution as a person. This is what I wanted, I didn’t want some cookie-cutter type of tattoo I was looking for meaning and expression and a reminder of what I’ve been through and who I am now.

Final thoughts about my first tattoo

There are many books on Western civilization and the need for a running metaphor in everyone’s life. By reading these various stories about Western civilization and the life that we have created and the things that unconsciously and consciously move us we’re told to look for this metaphor in our lives and it will give us direction. What if my living metaphor could be inked onto my body permanently, reminding me daily of what I’m moving towards, what I’m moving from and who I am becoming. It is because of this that my tattoo has extra meaning. It’s not just a piece of body art although it looks really good and I get compliments, it is something that moves me, it doesn’t let me forget my purpose and I think this is one of the best ways to utilize body art, as a heuristic, as something that helps us become more. They’re all different reasons to get a tattoo but this was my reason. Read our tips for first tattoos article on the next page if you’re still deciding whether to get your own or not. You’ll find a few pros and cons on that page and hopefully it can help make up your mind about the ‘tattoo dilemma.’