If you are wondering what to do for the day in the Iowa area, a visit to the State Capitol Building in Des Moines, Iowa is a must. Take your camera because you will want to take plenty of pictures of this stunning architectural wonder.

A Trip To Des Moines, Iowa State Capitol Building

Picture of Des Moines IA.The outside of the building is as impressive as the inside with its spectacular dome covered in 23 carat gold. The stunning vision of this building can be seen from afar when traveling through the city of Des Moines, Iowa.

After passing through the gates with metal detectors you enter the main hallway at the bottom of the building where there is a gift shop with fascinating items, including door hinges from the library, that are all very reasonably priced. This is the best place to purchase a souvenir from Des Moines, Iowa. There is also a display of historical items and sections of the original building from 1904.

A special tour booking will take you almost all the way to the top of the dome with breathtaking scenes along the way. The grandiose marble staircase is absolutely magnificent and the meticulous detail in the impressive architecture is truly awe inspiring. Apart from the main staircase there are many different stairwells in various sections where you can get a better view of the floor space below, as well as the dazzling ornately decorated ceilings. With so many nooks and crannies to explore it is easy to get lost in this astonishing building.

The Des Moines Capitol Building Law Library with its marvelous decor is just stunning to behold. Since our office is in the middle of Des Moines, we constantly go here for research and inspiration. It is packed from floor to ceiling with books and paraphernalia it still has the original furniture and original glass lamps that came with the building when it was first opened. Of course everything has been re-wired to transform the gas lights to electric power while retaining the original bulbs.

The capitol building is jam packed with interesting history and showcases everything from the keepsakes of the current governor to a model of the USS Iowa, including the ship’s bell. An interesting fact learned was that every Iowa citizen has free boarding access to the USS Iowa stationed in California.

A quirky part of the history of Des Moines, IA is that the wife of each governor was given a doll wearing her style of fashion at the time. With these dolls on display it is interesting to see how the various fashions changed in Iowa over the years.

Another trip to make is to the this Des Moines museum. The State Historical Museum is a great place to spend the day and take some great pics as well. You’ll learn a ton about the rich history of Des Moines and our great state of Iowa.