Most people who get a tattoo do not think about how the tattoo will heal. Before you get a tattoo, you should consider the 3 different stages of the tattoo healing process. This will ensure that you know what to expect during the healing process.

This is how tattoos heal the naturally.A Guide To How Tattoos Heal

  1. Oozing and Soreness.
  2. Itching, Scabbing and Flaking.
  3. Cloudiness and Dulling.
  4. Fully Healed.

Stage One: Oozing And Soreness

As soon as you get the tattoo, you will enter the first stage of healing. The area where the ink of the tattoo has been injected into will be an open wound and the skin will start to produce plasma. At this point, the tattoo artist will clean the area with an antibacterial soap and then wrap the tattoo for protection against bacteria.

Once you take off the wrapping, the area will generally weep and ooze blood, plasma or ink. This is completely normal and will last for up to 6 days. Over this time, scabs will start to form over the area as it heals.

Stage Two: Itching, Scabbing And Flaking

For a lot of people, this is the worst of the healing stages. This is generally due to the itching and the fact that you should not scratch. At this point, the scabs on the skin will be hard and well-formed with some of the smaller ones already flaking off.

At this point, the skin will be dry and could start to flake. This flaking is often what causes the itching that people hate about this healing stage. To prevent the itching, you need to keep your skin moisturized. Of course, you should not scratch the tattoo as you could ruin it if you are not careful.

Stage Three: Tattoo Looking Dull And Cloudy

The final stage of the healing process is generally seen as the best. At this point, the scabs will mostly be gone and the flaky skin will have dropped off. Only the heavier scabs will remain on the skin. The tattooed area will generally still be slightly dry and could be sensitive or sore to the touch. You need to continue moisturizing your skin when it feels dry.

At this stage of healing, your tattoo may look slightly cloudy, scaly and dull. In the light, the tattoo might also look shiny or glossy at this time. There will still be a fine deal layer of skin over the tattoo which is causing the clouding.

Stage Four: After About a Month, Your Tattoo Is Fully Healed

Over the next month of healing, the skin will flake and the clarity of your skin will return. Keep in mind, this is the natural healing process of tattoos when proper aftercare procedures are followed. Don’t just take your friend’s advice on how to make a tattoo heal faster. The biggest factor in the mending of this body art application is your body’s ability to recover and form new cells in the tattooed area. No, if you fail to follow the prescribed aftercare procedures your tattoo won’t cause cancer or anything. It isn’t that serious, but you might get an infection which could lead to other serious medical problems. Just follow the advice given throughout this site and your tattoo will heal naturally.