If you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo, then keep on reading. There are many things you need to know about getting a tattoo to ensure that you get one that you’re happy with. After all, a tattoo will last your entire lifetime so it is essential that the tattoo you choose is one that you’d be happy with for many decades. Of course, there are ways to remove a tattoo, but most of these methods don’t perfectly remove the tattoo.

My First Tattoo: What Should I Get??

Getting Your First Tattoo.Now, when it comes to getting your first tattoo, you need to decide what type of tattoo you want to get. Most people get a tattoo that expresses an aspect of their personality, a specific achievement, an important moment in their life, a symbol of remembrance etc. The last thing you want to do is get a generic tattoo that has no specific meaning or importance to you. The best tattoos are very special and dear to their owners, so it is important that you take the time to properly think about what you want to get inked on your skin.

Get Your First Tattoo Where You Can Show it Off…Or Not

Next, another consideration is the location of the tattoo. There are some areas of your body that are extremely painful to tattoo such as on your shin, face, neck, feet, hands etc. These areas are extremely painful and it is best that you don’t get your first tattoo on any of these areas. Also, if you’re currently employed in a corporate job or are planning to get a job in a business setting, then you should avoid getting tattoos that would be visible while you’re wearing your work clothes. This is seen are extremely unprofessional and many hiring managers won’t hire you based on visible tattoos. Of course, you can always use makeup to cover up any visible tattoos. It is best to get tattoos on areas that can be easily covered up when necessary.

Finding the Perfect Artist for Your First Tattoo

Now, when you are ready to get your tattoo, you should take your time when selecting the artist. There are hundreds of artists available and it can be quite challenging to choose one to do your tattoo. Of course we would recommend choosing the best tattoo shop that we know of…ours. But, it is best to create a list of popular and well known artists that have in-depth portfolios that you can check out. You may want to choose an artist that tattoos in a particular style or fashion that you like or want.

Making Your First Tattoo Appointment

Next, once you’ve decided on the tattoo artist, you should make an appointment with the artist to discuss your tattoo and plan it out. This is particularly important if you want an elaborate tattoo and you can find out how much tattoos cost as well. You should attempt to draw out the tattoo or provide pictures of what you’re trying to achieve. The artist will then make a sketch of the tattoo that you can then provide suitable feedback on and adjust accordingly. Once you have settled on the design, you can get started.

In closing, once you follow the above tips, I am certain you will get a fantastic tattoo that will be the first of many.