If you are currently living in Des Moines Iowa, and you are wondering about the crime rate, there are a couple of different ways that you can gather this information. Most of the people that understand how bad the crime rate is will often receive this information watching the evening news. There are other ways of determining how high or low the crime rate is. Here are a few tips on where to find this information quickly on the web.

Information on Des Moines Iowa

des moines crime facts and figures on crime.This information can be obtained on the Internet very quickly. By simply searching for crime rate Des Moines Iowa you will see several different news articles. You may also be led to official websites where this topic is being discussed. You can also find more information on Des Moines on our homepage. However, this is likely going to be related to law enforcement websites where they are discussing what has happened during the month. Another possibility is going to local news sites that have websites. You can see if they have done any reporting on this issue. Finally, you can also gather this information from your local library looking through newspapers that have recently come out.

What Is The Crime Rate In Des Moines Iowa?

Most of this information can be found on a website called Neighborhood Scout. It is going to present the crime rates for all of the different neighborhoods in the area. This will include neighborhoods such as Millman, Saylorville, and many others that people are living in today. According to statistics, is ranked at 7% out of 100%, making it a location that is not that safe at all. The number of crimes that are reported annually include over 1500 violent crimes, over 8000 property related crimes, with 50 out of every 1000 residents being a victim of crime every year. This is actually a statistic that is troublesome, and warrants some type of active effort on the part of law enforcement, or any other organizations within Des Moines to think of new strategies to combat crime.

Based upon the statistics, it does not look very promising for people that want to move into the area. If you were to compare this against well-known areas in the United States that are known for high crime rates, such as Chicago, it is still less safe to live in Des Moines, IA. The Capitol Building in Des Moines is under constant scrutiny because of this. It is not known why, nor is it stated why, the crime rate is so high. Hopefully they will be able to resolve some of these issues which involved motivating people within the community to make better choices.