Whether you prefer your ink to be monochrome (black) or a polychrome (multiple colors) work of art, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each that you should be aware of. Unfortunately, most of the disadvantages are related to color tattoos but the pure beauty of these often make the pitfalls worthwhile. Read more about the differences between color and black tattoos and the long-term implications of both in this post.

Tattoos – Color Or Just Go Black?

Difference Between Color and Black Tattoos Image.

Colors Take More Time Than Black Tattoos

Color tattoos take much longer to ink than the monochrome variety. It may also take multiple sessions to fill-in a colored tattoo whereas a basic black tattoo can be completed in just one session. Of course the time it takes to complete the tattoo is also dependent on the size and detail involved.

Cost of Color vs Black

The more colors there are in a tattoo, the more costly the tattoo is likely to be. Some color inks are more costly than others and will cost you more than sticking to black. It is advisable to compare the costs from different tattoo artists to get the best cost.

The Tattoo Artist

It is recommended to find a tattoo artist who is experienced and skilled at inking color tattoos. Some tattoo artists who are experts at monochrome may not have the same reputation for providing gorgeous polychrome versions. The same therefore applies to selecting a tattoo artist for your black tattoos.

Removal of Black vs Color Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent choice and will be expensive and painful to remove should the results be unsatisfactory or you make an impulsive decision that you later regret. Laser tattoo removal is the most successful process but it will take longer, more sessions as well as be more costly to remove a color tattoo. This is because a different laser light spectrum needs to be used to break down the ink in each color. It is much simpler to fade and eliminate a black tattoo.

The Cyan Problem

Cyan (a light blue/green color combination) is a beautiful and attractive color that is highly desirable in tattoos but creates two major problems for the tattoo artist. The color does not always take well or show up in a tattoo and it might take multiple reapplications to get the desired tone. Cyan also fades more quickly than other colors meaning that reapplication may be necessary down the line.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, it is just about impossible to remove cyan as there is no light spectrum that can be used to break down the ink. Surgical, scrubbing or bleaching techniques are more effective but may still leave you with blue/green blotches once the rest of the tattoo has been removed.

Just because there are so many disadvantages to color tattoos doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t consider having one. Many people who were asking themselves “Should I get a tattoo?” not too long ago have opted for a full-blown color scheme that would make your jaw drop. However, it is just best to be aware of the difference in cost, time and the other factors mentioned above before committing to a color tattoo. For the best advice, it is recommended to consult with an expert tattoo artist to determine which type of tattoo will suit your best and to better understand the difference between color and black tattoos.