Tattoos lead to permanent marks on the body, and it is something that you may have to live with for the rest of your life. It is possible nowadays to remove tattoos, but this process can be painful and fairly expensive. It is important that you choose the location of a tattoo very carefully, especially, if you plan to flaunt it for everyone to see. It makes sense to wear tattoos for some time, that are non-permanent and can be washed off so that you can be sure that that you have the right design in the right place.

Tattoos Make For Body Art that Can Be Cosmetic or Symbolic

Body Art or Inspiration? Custom tattoo design pic.The process of tattooing is painful and some people may find this more so than others. There are others who are eager to get another area of their body marked after the first tattoo, and these are people who have the ability to bear the pain. In tattooing, the tattoo artist pierces the skin and before dyeing this area in the colors chosen. These perforations can lead too bleeding and soreness of the skin that can take quite some time to heal.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Design

The tattoo artist will present you with a variety of designs for you to choose. The chosen design will then be transferred to the skin of the area of the body that you have chosen, by means of a transfer sheet. As the skin is damaged during tattooing, it is important that a lot of care is taken to maintain proper hygiene of the needles, and the work area, so that there is no infection of the wounds caused by the tattoos. Keeping the area clean and free of dirt is important after the process is completed and soap and water must be used in sufficient quantity, while still not affecting the inks of the tattoo. Special ointments are available to treat tattoos, but are not really necessary, as long as proper care is taken. There will be scab formation on the tattooed areas, and these must be allowed to fall off naturally, and must never be removed by water or scratching them. It is also advisable to avoid direct exposure to the sun of the tattooed area. In a tattoo, the ink is embedded in the skin, and early removal of scabs can affect the darkness of the pigmentation applied.

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos take about a week for initial healing, but even after this time, it is best to keep it moisturized for at least six to eight weeks so that any dryness of the skin is prevented. Some people are allergic to the inks used in tattoos, and that is why the tattoo artist may subject a small area of the skin to ink, before undertaking the full design. Be sure to read about the difference between color vs black tattoos. This is especially important for facial tattoos.

Tattoos Are Both Symbolic and Pieces of Body Art!

Tattoos have been around for ages, but as a body art, it has now become a modern-day fashion accessory. You will find tattoos even in the decoration of mummies found in Egyptian tombs. Tattoos can be used for decorative and cosmetic purposes. They are often used to denote a particular affiliation or mindset.