Blank Park Zoo is situated on 25 acres of ground just outside Des Moines in Iowa near Fort Des Moines. It is the only accredited zoo in Iowa and a AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) member. The zoo’s mission is to inspire an appreciation of nature through education, research, conservation and recreation.

Take an Educational Trip To The Des Moines Blank Park Zoo

Night picture of the Des Moines Iowa skyline.Blank Park Zoo is committed to conservation of wildlife and continually raises funds to support projects and organizations around the world involved in the preservation and conservation of wild animals. A few of the projects of the zoo includes:

– The International Rhino Foundation to improve the chance of survival of Rhinos, particularly the Black Rhino that remains critically endangered.
– Butterflies and Bees at the Tallgrass Prairies.
– The Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
– The 96 Elephants project named after an estimated 96 African elephants that die daily due to poaching.
– The Hornbill Research Foundation to protect Thailand’s hornbills.
– Turtle Survival Alliance a global partnership committed to zero turtle extinctions in the 21st century.
– Conservation Fusion educates individuals and communities about the unique biodiversity of the world with the current focus on Madagascar.

While visiting the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines you can learn fun facts and information about the animals there that include the following:

African Lion, Amur Tiger, Aldabra Tortoise, Golden Headed Tamarin, Giraffe, Red Panda, Magellan, Penguin, Sea Lion, Eastern Black Rhinoceros, and many more.

Visit the Zoo! A Main Des Moines Attraction

The Des Moines Family Nature Club

During the warmer months activities are scheduled for families to take part in exciting adventures such as bird watching with binoculars and identification booklets. Groups go on scavenger hunts in search of exotic birds in the Des Moines Discovery Center or for local Iowa birds outside in the trees on zoo grounds. Even if it is raining you can still spot some robins, sparrows and grackles. Another exciting Family Nature Club adventure is star gazing at Yellow Banks Park where you can learn about the planets and see how many constellations you can find.

Exciting Rides in the Des Moines Blank Park Zoo

Kids will love riding on the train or the carousel, and there are camel rides during the open season.

Animal Feeding

Entrance fees are charged during feeding time to watch animals such as giraffe, parakeet, and ostrich being fed.
An all-experience pass valid from Memorial Day through Labor Day includes admission to the zoo plus a ride bundle and a feed bundle. In some packages, you can even get a pass to visit the best sculpture park in Des MoinesBlank Park Zoo is the ideal place for families to spend an exciting and educational day out.