When a person makes the statement that they want a tattoo, people might say that he/she shouldn’t get one because they are bad for their blood. There are a lot more rebuttals that people will give them as well. People have all different kinds of things to say one common thing that we hear is that getting a tattoo is bad for your blood. This is something people believe wholeheartedly but that is something that is not based on research science. Before you believe thing like this at face value, you need to do your own research and look into what the experts have to say.

Are Tattoos Bad for the Blood?

tattoos are not bad for your blood if you're already healthy.When people think about tattoos they think about the ink that is being used and some have the belief that this ink can permeate your skin and enter into your bloodstream. We have to figure out if that is true or not. How do we determine if that is true? I’m going to guess that you are not a research scientist and I’m not one either. Just think about it though, with today’s sterile tattoo environment mandated by the government, could tattoos be so bad for your blood or any other health system for that matter? The closest way that we can get to the truth is by looking at a large sample of information on this subject matter. Hopefully the information that we look at is going to be from actual scientists and not the anecdotal beliefs of laypeople. To do this, we just have to use our good friend Google because if you know how to ask Google the right question, our friend Google will return the right answer.

Research on Tattoos and Blood Disease

So, like you we have done a Google search or 50 looking for the answer to this question. Do tattoos cause health problems? Are tattoos bad for the blood?. We then took a look at who was providing answers to this question. We also took a look at the type of websites that give information and we preferred the ones that are ran by doctors and other types of science people.

So what did we learn? We learned that modern-day inks that are used for tattoos do not cause problems with your blood. They do not permeate the skin and end up in your bloodstream causing a ton of problems. The type of tools that are used to give a person a tattoo are healthy and have no record of causing the average person any type of issues. The biggest issue that you should be concerned with is who is performing the tattoo and the type of cleanliness their business has.

There’s a reason why the tattoo business is regulated by the government because there are standards of sterilization that needs to be followed to ensure that there are no transmittable diseases being passed from person to person due to transmission via the tattoo equipment. Tattoos are safe and if you can find a high-quality tattoo artist, who practices sterilization techniques, getting a tattoo is very healthy.